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Books are your window to the World & we at Insight Publica are committed to provide the best of services and quality in terms of publishing and spreading knowledge all over the world!

Insight Publica based in Kozhikode is a recognized name in the national and international market with a strong and extended distribution network connecting readers and authors across the globe. A publishing house exploring a wide range of genres and styles of books, Insight Publica takes an innovative and fresh approach to publishing. Insight Books was launched in 2003 by our Directors Mr. Sumesh & Ms. Naseema and the name was changed into Insight Publica in 2012. It became a private limited company in 2016. Through the years Insight Publica has carved out a unique position in the cultural geography of Kerala.

We stand proud with more than a decade in book publishing. We are in the race in the publishing industry, not as a mute spectator, but as an intervening force making waves in publishing with myriad of books that have catapulted the political and cultural scenario of Kerala. It is our mission to become an influential market player in publishing and distribution of innovative academic and professional content in diverse fields through books and journals written by eminent authors for the institutional and professional markets.

Why we are special?

Insight Publica represents an alternative voice of dissent in the Malayalam publishing scene. We open up to different cultural ethos and marginalized lives all the while providing space for expressing these unique experiences. We uphold our ever alive motto : "Publishing, kindling the unrest". We have also revolutionized the printing scene through our responsible interventions in maintaining the quality of printing for a broad spectrum of materials at affordable costs.

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