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Baby Animals

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ISBN: 9789390355761

Author: Byelorussian Writers

Language: english

Format: Hardback

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"All of us still have those fond memories of the books from the erstwhile Soviet Union, which were once extensively circulated here, in Kerala books of fabulous tales, riveting scientific facts and enchanting illustrations which stole the readers' hearts. They left in us an indelible impression and an unforgettable reading experience. An experience still evergreen in us, Malayali diaspora. As the Union got dissolved, those charming books of tales too vanished, turning them into cherished memories of nostalgia. Yet, readers have relentlessly been looking for those inimitable books. That was why we, the INSIGHT PUBLICA, published a few of them in the same mode. We are grateful and glad to say that readers wholeheartedly backed us in realizing the project. During the execution of our mission, we could fathom the depth and breadth of a great nation's remarkable literary project. Those sublime Soviet stories traversed in translation into many a nation and many a language. Those books were ubiquitousnot as merchandise, but as products of culture. The fantastic bolstering that INSIGHT PUBLICA could get is the impetus that drove us daringly to undertake the mission of reprinting and republishing those Soviet works in Indian languages. You readers need not anymore be discontented with the scanned copies of these books. INSIGHT PUBLICA will help reach into your hands those very books with the same freshness and warmth. Let us present you again those fantastic Soviet Stories with humility and pride."

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Byelorussian Writers


The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, also commonly referred to in English as Byelorussia, was a federal unit of the Soviet Union.