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A Girl and the Tigers

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ISBN: 978-93-90535-18-7

Author: Cinasha

Language: english

Format: Paperback

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Genie Razi is a happy and enthusiastic girl. She has a secret that her mind will have a roaring ocean every time she sees or talks about a tiger. She doesn't care about it. But slowly, she finds out a magical connection between her soul and tigers. And Genie sets off on the path of exciting adventures with her friends. Mysteries after mysteries and adventures after adventure... and here is Genie, ready for adventures!

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Writer, Student

Cinasha studying in the eighth standard at Government Higher Secondary School Kasaragod in Kerala. She was born on 29th October 2007 to Sreekumar and Smitha. Cinasha is interested in reading drawing and writing. Her two English novels ‘The Mysterious Forest’ and ‘Song Of The River’ were published on November 2019. She wrote the novel A Girl And The Tigers when she was studying in 7th standard.